Ticketmaster FanBuilder



Ticketmaster FanBuilder launched an incredibly powerful tool called Suggested Audiences that offers value much greater than what a typical venue CRM could ever dream of. This tool extends the search to all of Ticketmaster’s sales and identifies the best cross-over segmentation audience possible. Unfortunately, the majority of Ticketmaster’s clients don’t understand that value even if they used the current version. My challenge was to simplify the UX flow while telling a well-paced story that informs the user of what the system is doing to build a segmented audience they may market to. And offer a bit of delight while doing it!



Beginning with the current FanBuilder design, I analyzed and improved the simplicity of the landing page based on the concept of “Don’t make me think”. There are only two points of interest on the page: the add event button, and the number of fans you have in your database.

01 - SuggAud - Start

Once the user selects an event to market, the system begins its processing. It begins with looking for the artists that are most similar to the event selected, based on the purchasing habits of the entire Ticketmaster network.


After the system searches through all of the related fan purchases, it reduces the suggested segmentation down to the client’s fans only (that’s all they’re entitled to, after all).

During usability testing rounds, I determined that the circle animation narrative was successful in guiding the user’s understanding of the Suggested Audience process. We also learned where we could improve the UX writing across the application.

The final challenge was improving the display of the affinity artists by making more clear and concise. I made use of my knowledge of categorical visual hierarchy (somebody else’s brain research, not mine!) and decided the best way to distinguish the results would be by using proximity and color hues… a pill-based tree chart!