Ticketmaster Venue Layout



Ticketmaster clients must contact the client support team to build and manage the structure of their venue. This places an unnecessary amount of strain on Ticketmaster’s phone resources and slows down the time needed to make last minute changes to the venue layout.



Build a layout creation tool that would enable clients to define the grid structure of their venues in a visual environment.

Taking inspiration from popular full-screen tools, I designed a layout that would help clients streamline their venue layout building process from within the Ticketmaster ONE platform. Elements that received heavy exploration and testing were the: Visual Language, Element Contrast, Gridlines, and On-screen instructions.

A problem I ran into during this project was communicating all of the different element states without abusing color or breaking the TMONE Style Patterns. Seats within TMONE typically have a predefined color language to depict open, sold, on-hold, and other states. I had to create a new ‘drawn seat’ paradigm that users would be able to understand and distinguish from the other situations that they view seats inside the platform.

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